Committee hears voluntary sector concerns over cuts

The Committee for Social Development held a special event yesterday at NICVA. Voluntary and community organisations from across Northern Ireland were invited to come to the event to share their concerns with the Committee over proposed budget cuts.
Over 60 people attended the event from organisations including Early Years, Age NI and the Rural Community Network. The organisations described the hard realities of what budget cuts could mean – for example they would have to stop some of the services they provide to local communities. They also explained the impact this would have on vulnerable people that rely on their help.
One person said: “We felt it was really important to come today to tell the Committee about the difficult decisions we will face if our budgets are cut. There are many people in poverty that really rely on our help – it is those people who will suffer if we have to stop some of our services because we don’t have enough money.”
We caught up with the Committee Chairperson, Simon Hamilton to gauge his views on the event and what the Committee plans to do with the information gathered.

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