Another Busy Week at the Assembly

There are a large number of bills being discussed this week including the Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill which will introduce a range of new measures to protect our environment and local wildlife; and the Dogs Amendment Bill which will make it compulsory for dogs to be micro-chipped and allow district council dog wardens to impose controls where there has been a breach of dog control laws. The Bill will also make it an offence to allow a dog to attack and injure another person’s dog.

The Social Development Committee is holding a special event this week to hear from organisations such as the Northern Ireland Local Government Association and Disability Action on a range of issues. The Education Committee has invited a range of organisations from the education sector to discuss the Education Budget and share any concerns they might have.

Parliament Buildings plays host to many visitors each week, and this week is no different. One particular visitor has generated some interest - Alastair Campbell, best remembered for the integral role he played as Director of Communications in the Blair government – gave a talk yesterday on his career highlights and also took part in a Question and Answer session.

A range of schools will also be visiting including St. Genevieve’s, Belfast and Newry High School who will be participating in the ever popular Assembly Education Programme.

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