Assembly Education Service Launches New Website

Delve into the world of the Assembly and learn all about how laws are made. Step into the shoes of an MLA and try your hand at taking part in a press conference. Wind back the years and watch archive footage from the significant events leading to devolution and the creation of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

New Assembly Education website launched on 25 October 2011Learning about politics, governance and the work of the Northern Ireland Assembly just got a whole lot more fun with the launch of our new education website - Developed in partnership with CCEA to complement the Northern Ireland Curriculum the new site is fully interactive and uses a combination of role-play, games and tasks to educate pupils from primary through to 16+. There is also a section for teachers with teaching notes and suggested classroom activities to support and follow-up on the online activities.

Why not have a look and see for yourself just how much fun it is!

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