New Assembly ‘Shop Window’ Launched

Our new website is live!  As the window to the work of the Assembly, the website combines ease of use and lots of new features designed to make finding what you want easy and fast. We've taken people’s views on board along the way and it’s been designed with you in mind.

Finding out about Your MLAs is now much easier.  If you don’t know who your MLAs are you can use our Constituency Map to find out. Our new information management system (AIMS) allows you to search for questions that MLAs have asked Ministers – both in the Chamber (oral) or in writing.  You can also see the answer they received.

As well as finding out which debates your MLAs took part, we’ve a great new feature that lets you see how your MLAs voted. This will be available for votes when the House divides. The information will be available shortly after the vote has been counted.

Other new features include an email subscription service to receive alerts when new information is added to the website for the areas you are interested in.  What’s happening that Assembly is front and centre on the home page, making it very easy for you to find out what is going on.  And all your old favourites are still there too – watching Assembly debates live, RSS feeds for general alerts, details on Committees and their work, and much more.

Some of you might want to know how much this project cost – the total cost for research, design and build of the new website was £182,730.

While getting to this stage has been a big project, we will not be resting on our laurels – over the coming months and years we will be introducing new features to make the user experience richer and more interactive. Let us know what you think of the site by completing our short Feedback Form to help us continue to improve.

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