Assembly Extra

Interviews with Committee Chairs, press releases and tweets tell you all about what the Assembly is doing – what Bills the Committees are scrutinising; what’s being debated in the Chamber; how to get involved in an inquiry about a particular issue. But have you ever wondered how we do it?

Our new programme Assembly Extra will show you a different side to the Assembly. It’s not about political discussion and analysis. Instead – it takes you behind the scenes to give you a different insight into the workings of the Assembly. So if you want to find out things like – how a draft Bill becomes a law, how a Committee chooses and carries out an inquiry, and what goes into making sure the Assembly runs smoothly, then Assembly Extra is for you!

In the first programme we take a look behind the scenes with Assembly Broadcasting as we go live on air for the first Plenary session following the election – and things get a little frantic! We also meet James from our Education Service to find out what school groups can expect from a visit to Parliament Buildings. Plus everything you wanted to know about how a Bill becomes law.

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