How many teachers are on the Northern Ireland Substitute Teacher Register?

The work of our MLAs covers many aspects of our lives, but this is especially evident when browsing the written questions database.
The purpose of Assembly Questions is to ask for information or to press for action and MLAs can submit up to five questions for written answer each day.
Every day our website is updated with both the questions that have been submitted and the answers that have been received that day and you can find them here:

Below are just some of the answers that have been published so far this week:
  • OFMDFM reported that 397 people have contacted the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry;
  • The Minister of Education reported that there are currently 8,021 teachers on the Northern Ireland Substitute Teacher Register;
  • The Minister for Employment and Learning states that 632 students began teacher training at Northern Ireland Higher Education Institutions in 2011/12;
  • The Minister of Health, Social Services and Public Safety reported that in 2013 the number of patients, aged 17 and over, on the QOF diabetes register was 79,072;
  • The Minister of Justice detailed that there were 140 Sexual Offences Prevention Orders imposed in 2012;
  • The Minister for Regional Development states that the budget currently allocated for the replacement of street lights in 2013/14 is £7 million;
  • The Minister for Social Development reports that number of funded posts in the Department in January 2013 was 7034.39.
You can search the questions database by keyword or by MLA and / or by Department.

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