Question Time: Assembly Commission Tuesday 19 November 2013

Assembly Members put their concerns to the Assembly Commission during Question Time. Caitriona Ruane, Leslie Cree and Peter Weir represented the Commission and their responses.

They provided the House with an update on car parking in the Stormont Estate, the new electronic Committee packs and the Assembly’s Education and Outreach programme.

Leslie Cree detailed the latest progress on the roof project (which will see the renovation of Parliament Buildings’ roof). On completion of the tender exercise, it is expected that a contractor will be appointed and work will begin by the end of February 2014. It is anticipated that the project will then be completed by February 2015. Mr Cree was also able to assure Alban Maginness that there should be no disruption to Assembly business during the project and Plenary and Committee meetings should continue to operate as normal.

Peter Weir also provided an update on Ormiston House. The property is still on the market as the Commission seek to gain the greatest value for the public purse. There is also an openness to discuss any alternative options should the property not receive a satisfactory bid.

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