Question Time: OFMDFM 27 January 2014

During Question Time, the deputy First Minister informed the house that "consideration of the options for filling the position of Attorney General after the current term ends in May 2014 is under way."

In response to Paul Frew regarding what analysis has been carried out regarding the cost of implementing the Haass proposals, the deputy First Minister explained that "in the absence of such agreement, there has been no assessment or analysis of the cost of implementation."
On the issue of the Executive's investment strategy posed by Ian Milne, the deputy First Minister stated:
"In the financial year 2012-13, some £1,300 million was invested in capital infrastructure projects, and I expect a broadly similar figure for 2013-14.  During the past year, a number of significant projects have been completed, and new ones have been started or have commenced in planning.  To ensure that we are making best use of the resource that is available to us, we are completing a review of existing infrastructure and an assessment of future needs.  This will ensure that our investment strategy continues to be informed by the latest evidence.  That has been complemented by innovative research by the Strategic Investment Board and Queen's University on new strategic infrastructure planning models to assist Departments and public bodies, and by action to manage property assets more effectively."
Topical Questions covered a range of subjects including the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry; Child Poverty Strategy; Haass and Cyberbullying.
You can read the complete transcript on our website.

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