Committee Voices Frustration at Lack of Cooperation by BBC

The Assembly Committee for Social Development today voiced its disappointment over the BBC’s failure to date, to provide information on its Inquiry into decisions relating to Housing Executive contracts.

The Inquiry began as a result of a BBC Spotlight programme which, in part, alleged that the Committee was misled by the Minister for Social Development over his decision to seek a review of the specification for the supply and fitting of double glazing.

Committee Chairperson, Mr Alex Maskey MLA, said: “The Committee has been at pains to work collaboratively with BBC NI for information relating to the current phase of its Inquiry. We are frustrated that, despite assurances that the Committee would receive a response early this week, nothing has been provided.

“We are deeply disappointed at the BBC’s attitude to the request for information, particularly since it was a BBC Spotlight programme which first raised these allegations. However, the BBC is yet to assist the Committee’s Inquiry in a meaningful way.”

Mr Maskey concluded: “From the outset the Committee was determined to identify all sources of evidence, obtain that evidence and scrutinise it to ensure the inquiry would be as comprehensive as possible. The BBC is a key player in that process. While the Committee will continue to engage with BBC officials to agree a mutually acceptable outcome we will also keep other options under review should the BBC’s lack of engagement continue.”


The Committee for Social Development membership is:
Alex Maskey MLA (Chairperson)
Mickey Brady MLA (Deputy Chairperson)
Jim Allister MLA
Paula Bradley MLA
Gregory Campbell MLA
Trevor Clarke MLA
Michael Copeland MLA
Stewart Dickson MLA
Dolores Kelly MLA
Fra McCann MLA
Sammy Wilson MLA

The Clerk of the Social Development Committee is:
Dr Kevin Pelan
Northern Ireland Assembly
Phone: 028 90 521864
Mobile: 07917881639

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