Question Time - Education Monday 23 June 2014

Education Minister John O'Dowd answered questions on subjects including, home schooling, the anti-bullying forum, and pre-school admissions.
Regarding home schooling, Mervyn Storey explained to the Minister that " it is disappointing that the Education Minister has cast a slur on parents who make the choice to educate their children at home.  I think that he should seriously reflect on what he has said in the House today". The Minister replied " Mervyn Storey continues to have selective hearing as well as selective education policies.  I have not cast a slur on parents who are involved in home education.
Anti-bullying Forum was another topic for the Minister to answer questions on and he received questions from Michaela Boyle, Sammy Wilson and Michael Copeland all asking for an update on the work of the Anti-bulling Forum. The minister replied " the Anti-bullying Forum comprises departmental and education and library board officials along with representatives of around 20 voluntary sector organisations.  Each has a particular interest or expertise in the issue, and the Anti-bullying Forum collectively aims to tackle bullying in our schools and communities".
During the 15 minutes of Topical Questions to the Minister he asnswered questions on School in East Antrim, Academic Selection, Capital Build Projects and SEELB Membership.

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