Question Time - Culture, Arts and Leisure - Tuesday 16 September 2014

Commonwealth Games 2014

How can Northern Ireland build on the success of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games?  The minister was asked questions on funding for athletes, boxing facilities and an indication on the progress with any other capital schemes regarding the new velodrome for cyclists.

The Minister praised the Northern Ireland team for its success in the Commonwealth Games.
She noted that the team had finished 15th out of 71 countries in the medal table.

Sydney Anderson asked why the minister had issued invitations to an event to congratulate the Commonwealth Games team using the term "North of Ireland".

Minister  Ni Chuilin said that if Mr Anderson had absented himself from the event for this reason, "I think you need to grow up".

Mr Anderson rejected the minister's comment, saying that, in bringing politics into sport, Ms Ni Chuilin was being "pathetically petty and politically immature".

Ardoyne Fleadh: DCAL Funding

William Humphrey condemned the "appallingly sectarian, racist and hateful" comments made by a singer at the Ardoyne Fleadh community festival, on 16 September 2014.

Mr Humphrey asked the culture minister "what sanctions she plans to put in place in terms of the funding for the fleadh for next year".

The Minister said she, too, condemned any sectarian remarks.

The minister said she looked forward to Mr Humphrey's support, "when bands who are funded through the Arts Council, or the Ulster Scots Agency, who parade in certain parts of our constituency, who play offensive tunes outside places of worship, that the member will join with me, and that their funding and the investment into those bands should be looked at and scrutinised ".

Questions to the Minister during the 15 minutes of Topical included: North/South Language Bodies, Sports Facilities in Dungiven, The Irish Open and Newtowncunningham Orange Hall Attack. All questions and answers during question time can be viewed here .

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