Love Food Hate Waste

The Committee for the Environment hosted an event to support and highlight the Waste and Resources Action Programme’s (WRAP) “Love Food Hate Waste” 10 cities campaign.

Belfast was one of 10 cities across the UK chosen to focus on fighting food waste in 2014-16.

Showing the people of Belfast how to ‘do one thing differently’ was the aim of the event. So with that in mind, expert chefs demonstrated how to use up left over food by creating delicious smoothies and a healthy stir fry for everyone to sample.

We spoke to the Committee Chairperson Anno Lo MBE MLA who told us that the Committee felt it was important to sponsor this event to highlight the fact that millions of tonnes of food and a lot of money are wasted each year. Anna went on to tell us that there are EU regulations that govern landfill sites and the possibility of fines if we don’t reduce the amount of food waste sent to landfill sites and the effects producing food has on the environment for it just to be wasted. Anna also told us how she was going to make a pledge to use her freezer better to enable her to cut down on the amount of bread she threw away.

The Minister of the Environment also told us how he was hopeful that the people of Belfast will support this worthwhile and fun campaign and that he had no doubt that they will. The Minister went on to tell us how he felt that this was a very good campaign as not only did it highlight food waste as a problem and other problems associated with food waste but that it also offered productive methods for the people of Belfast to address the issue to help reduce the amount of food that is wasted and sent to landfill.

The Head of Love Food Hate waste, Emma Marsh told us how the campaign would raise the issue of food waste and helping people to recognise the fact that they waste food and then offering really simple, easy solutions to help tackle the issue in their own homes.

Getting into the habit of storing fresh fruit in the fridge and using your freezer better will help get you on the road to reducing your food waste. For other helpful hints you can download the love food hate waste freeApp; or visit the love food hate wastewebsite to get more ideas on what we can all do to reduce waste.


Emma Marsh, Head of Love Food Hate Waste showing the Environment Minister, Mark Durkan MLA, how to make a healthy stir fry.

Anna Lo MBE MLA and Marcus Gover, Director of Waste and Resources Action Programme 

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