Question Time - Social Development Tuesday 21 October 2014

The Social Development Minister Mervyn Storey said the failure to come to an agreement over welfare reform could "ultimately lead to the doors being closed in this institution ".

He said that "the cost then to Northern Ireland of the imposition of a non-amended welfare reform, I think, is incalculable in terms of finance, and in terms of the impact that it would have in all of the communities that we all represent in this house".

The minister was also asked number of questions about social housing.

Asked about shared housing schemes, the minister said it would be wrong to attempt to "socially engineer" mixed housing projects.

During the 15 minute of Topical Questions to the Minister he was asked questions on the Belfast City Centre Regeneration Project, Housing Association Grant Rates, the Boiler Replacement Scheme and the Omagh Town Centre Master Plan.

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