Assembly Showcases Work By Local Crafters

Since November 2013, the Northern Ireland Assembly in partnership with Craft NI has spearheaded the Designer-Makers’ Initiative, an innovative scheme to showcase and promote the work of local designers and crafters.

A competition to find new crafters and designers runs twice a year and those selected are provided with an opportunity to display and sell their products in the Northern Ireland Assembly Gift Shop at Parliament Buildings.

The new competition opened in May 2014 and you can find more information including how to apply here.

If you are interested in applying to the Designer-Makers’ Initiative, then why not get inspired by viewing the current designs and crafts on display and for sale in the Northern Ireland Assembly Gift Shop below.

Elen Johnston

Elin has been in practice since 2009 specialising in creating one-off and limited pieces in precious metals. Elin’s new series of design requires her to use a method of bonding 24ct gold to silver, thus amalgamating existing elements to form a new entity.

Fiona Kerr

Creator of contemporary jewellery designs. Fiona uses a technique of combining contrasting textures and polished surfaces in silver and gold.

Helen Shearer

Maker of brooches using little pieces of porcelain that are decorative, wearable and appealing. Each brooch is made by hand from start to finish and suit natural fabrics such as linen and wool.

Deborah Toner

Deborah enjoys the idea of distinguishable patterns, especially when something like a map or a skyline which is very structured and architectural, can be made into something soft and tactile. These individually designed, machine stitched and handmade pieces are all made using the finish quality Irish Linen.

Phil McCann

Phil uses locally sourced wood to make both functional and artistic pieces. He uses a simple design which allows the wood to express its own qualities.

Jan Campbell

Jan is a goldsmith and textile artist. Jan retrained in craft, design and three dimensional jewellery where she could show her creativeness as seen in her 'Butterfly' collection

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