Question Time Culture, Arts and Leisure 03 November 2014

You can view the questions and read the full transcript on our website.

Culture Minister Caral Ni Chuilin accused the DUP's Gregory Campbell of "pure ignorance" during Question Time.

When invited to speak by Principal Deputy Speaker Mitchel McLaughlin, Mr Campbell replied: "curry my yoghurt can coca coalyer".

In Irish, the phrase "go raibh maith agat Ceann Comhairle" means "thank you, chairperson".

He then asked the minister a question about a minority languages strategy.

Ms Ni Chuilin refused to answer the question, saying that Mr Campbell's behaviour was not befitting a member of the Assembly.

Asked about financial problems at the Ulster Orchestra, the minister said she had met orchestra representatives.

If the orchestra could come up with "a new, serious operating model" she was prepared to give it serious consideration and take it to the Executive for discussion, the minister said.

Ms Ni Chuilin said orchestras across the world were finding it difficult to obtain public and commercial funding.

During the 15 minutes of Topical Questions the Minister was asked about Football Clubs funding, Fish Kills, DCAL Involvement, Arts funding and the Ballynure Angling Club.

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