Question Time - Office of the First and deputy First Minister Monday 24 November 2014

When pressed for an update on the devolution of corporation tax powers the First Minister stated:
As part of our economic pact that was signed last year with the Prime Minister, the United Kingdom Government indicated their intention to make a decision on the devolution of corporation tax powers at the time of the autumn statement, which is on 3 December.
The reply from the Prime Minister confirmed that the timescale remains the same. Officials have been told that, if a positive decision is made, a Bill could be introduced in the House of Commons very shortly afterwards, but before the election. 
The First Minister also discussed what he believed the priorities of the fiscal levers should be, namely stamp duty; landfill tax; aggregates tax; corporation tax and air passenger duty.

Other subjects discussed included: Commissioner for Victims and Survivors; Gender Equality; Gregory Campbell & Barnett Formula.

Read the full transcript on our website.

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