Crafters NI Summer 2015 at the Assembly Gift Shop

We are delighted to announce that there are six new craft ranges available at the Northern Ireland Assembly Gift and Coffee Shop in Parliament Buildings for the Summer 2015 season. Craft ranges featured here have been selected as part of the Designer Makers’ Initiative, a partnership between the NI Assembly and Craft Northern Ireland.

Helen Faulkner is a potter. Designing and making tableware with a rich red clay and a range of contemporary colours.

Hand made in Co. Tyrone, with many of the domestic woods being harvested or salvaged locally. They make one off items and items personalised for that special gift.

Miley and Pat produces handmade ceramic birds, wall pieces and gifts. Mary Cowan mostly works with clay which she forms through various hand building techniques.

Specialising in hand-crafted silver, hallmarked and engraved jewellery, specifically designed to reflect Northern Irish icons. 3D jewellery pieces carved from wax or constructed in silver. They are then cast in silver, hand finished, hallmarked and engraved, before being transformed into whatever you require. 

Stephanie and Sheila have used their painting, print making and embroidery skills to produce art which is both contemporary, yet still retains an element of traditional charm. Combining a natural Irish linen back drop, bold and rich colours, each individual piece has a fascinating story to tell.

Jupiter Red use 100% pure Irish linen which absorbs the print pigments and gives their products a rich depth of colour.

Linen is a sustainable, eco-friendly fabric, produced from the flax plant which requires significantly less water and fewer pesticides than cotton.  A flax crop is gentle on the land, preventing soil depletion and very little energy is required to process flax, compared to artificial fibres.

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