The Assembly Research and Information Service launches a new blog: Research Matters

The Assembly Research and Information Service (RaISe) has launched a new blog – Research Matters – to communicate short, topical articles on recent research. The blog is intended primarily for MLAs and their support staff, but also for a wider audience.

Blog articles are wide-ranging, covering matters of interest to the Assembly and the wider public, and are authored by our Research Officers, Librarians and Education Officers.

Examples of current content include articles on ‘sexting’, an overview of the Northern Ireland Constituency Profiles, and a summary of the current state of climate change legislation. In the weeks ahead, we have articles planned on the economic impact of higher education cuts, a review of good relations policy, and an examination of the link between the Northern Ireland Curriculum and the work of our own Education Service.

The Head of the Research and Information Service, John Power, explained the purpose of the blog:
Research Matters is an innovative and exciting way for RaISe to highlight new research and upcoming issues in order to support and inform the work of members and Assembly committees. We hope that readers, including the wider public, find it informative, useful and stimulating.
Research Matters was introduced as a pilot following the Assembly elections in May 2016. With strong take-up and positive feedback over the summer recess, the blog is now being launched as a formal service. It will be updated around twice a week, with new articles tweeted via @AssemblyLibrary (the RaISe twitter account). Members can also sign up for email alerts, or visit Research Matters to browse over 50 articles already available on the site.

Who are we:
RaISe employs subject specialists and library professionals to provide research and information in support of Assembly business. We produce written and oral briefings in an objective, non-partisan and accurate manner. You can find out more about our work by visiting our website.

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