The Committee on Procedures - What does it do and how does it work?

What is the purpose of the Committee?

The Assembly’s Procedures Committee is responsible for considering and reviewing, on an ongoing basis, the Standing Orders and procedures of the Assembly and how it operates. Committee may take briefings from Assembly and Parliamentary officials from other jurisdictions, and other stakeholders as part of their inquiries.

The Procedures Committee, which is a Standing Committee ,ensures that the rules governing the workings of the Assembly are fit for purpose and can be adapted in light of best practice, with the agreement of Assembly members.

Some of the areas that the Committee has carried out inquiries on are: the review of the Public Petitions procedure, a review of the business week of the Assembly, an Inquiry into Topical Questions, which resulted in topical questions being added to the Question Time rota, and an inquiry into Attorney General participation in the proceedings of the Assembly. The Committee is currently considering issues relating to the Official Opposition, as well as the introduction of an e-Petitions facility.

The Committee meets regularly in Parliament Buildings and you will find details on the Assembly’s Business Diary.

If you want to get involved with the work of the Committee, you can see what inquires the Committee is currently carrying out on their Committee page and read the Minutes of the meetings, as well as any Minutes of Evidence Sessions. You may also request to give evidence, if you or your organisation is affected by the issues that the Committee is discussing, including Bill inquiries by contacting the Clerk of the Committee.


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