What's happening in the Chamber - Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th Feb 2020

Here are some key items from Monday and Tuesday's Order Papers...

Monday's Business - 24 Feb 2020

MOTION:Formation of a new Ad Hoc Committee to consider a Bill of Rights

MOTION:Supply Resolution for the 2019-2020 Spring Supplementary Estimates

This Motion is so that the Assembly can give its retrospective approval of all the movement of funds between Departments that have occurred due to Monitoring Round adjustments. These adjustments impact on agreed Departmental spending limits (either up or down) and the Assembly is required to give its permission.

MOTION:Supply Resolution for the 2020-2021 Vote on Account.

This Motion forms part of the Budget Bill. It allows for Departments to drawdown 45% of their previous budget (the 2019-20 year) to spend in the first few months of the new financial year (2020-2021).

FIRST STAGE - Budget Bill

This is where the Budget Bill is introduced to the Assembly; at this point, the title is read out and it is printed. There is no debate in the First Stage.


Economy Minister - Topics include the impact of #Brexit on the department’s business plan; if climate actions are part of the Industrial Strategy; expansion of the Magee Campus of Ulster University and; productivity in NI.

Education Minister - Topics include capital/school infrastructure plans;introduction of climate action into the curriculum; school transport and; mental health services in schools.

Tuesday's Business - 24 Feb 2020

SECOND STAGE - Budget Bill

This Budget Bill gives effect to the Supply Resolution for the 2019-2020 Spring Supplementary Estimates due to be debated on Monday and usually goes through by Accelerated Passage (ie, the Bill progresses through the Assembly without going through a Committee scrutiny stage).


Finance Minister - Topics include fiscal balance between revenue raised and public expenditure; ministerial code; replacment for EU funds and Troubles-related incident Victims Payment Scheme.

Health Minister - Topics include action plan for the resettlement of patients from Muckamore Abbey Hospital; Magee Graduate Entry Medical School and;implementation of the new regulations on abortion.

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