What's happening in the Chamber - Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd March 2020

Here are some key items from Monday and Tuesday's Order Papers...

Monday's Business - 2nd March 2020

Consideration Stage - Budget Bill

This is where MLAs debate and vote on each clause/schedule and proposed amendments to a Bill. Usually this stage comes after a Committee has examined the Bill; in the case of accelerated passage, the Committee Stage is omitted. As there will be no amendments, there will be no debate at Consideration Stage.

Motion: Legislative Programme. The Executive Office.

That this Assembly notes the Executive’s Legislative Programme as presented by the First Minister and deputy First Minister in their statement of 11 February 2020.

Private Members Business

MOTION: Violent Crime. Tabled by - Dolores Kelly MLA, Patsy McGlone MLA, Colin McGrath MLA
That this Assembly expresses concern about increasing levels of violent crime; recognises that this has been accompanied by a similar rise in alcohol and drug related offences; notes the effect of such crime on victims and on communities across Northern Ireland; further notes that comprehensive legislation protecting victims of domestic violence has yet to be passed; and calls on the Minister of Justice to work collaboratively with the Minister of Health to bring forward an action plan and a resourced implementation plan to reduce violent offending and the risk of reoffending.

MOTION: Ongoing Paramilitarism in Northern Ireland. Tabled by Doug Beattie MLA, Andy Allen MLA, Alan Chambers MLA.
That this Assembly recognises that many communities across Northern Ireland are still living under siege from paramilitary gangs; reiterates its total rejection of those who continue to engage in criminality, intimidation and coercive control; gives its full support to the agencies working to close down criminal networks and activity; and calls on the Minister of Justice to ensure that the Police Service of Northern Ireland and other agencies are properly resourced to allow them to increase their efforts in addressing ongoing paramilitarism.


Executive Office (First Minister Arlene Foster MLA) - Topics include implementing policies outlined in the New Decade, New Approach document, the Ad Hoc Assembly Committee on the Bill of Rights, the Northern Ireland protocol and immigration.

Infrastrucure Minister (Nichola Mallon MLA) - Topics include parking/speed limits/infrastructure projects in local areas, New Decade New Approach, A5 Project and public transport access to Belfast city centre for the elderly and those with limited mobility.

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Tuesday's Business - 3rd March 2020

Further Consideration Stage - Budget Bill

This is the final opportunity to amend the Bill. This stage is similar to the Consideration Stage, but this time the debate is limited solely to new amendments. If there are no amendments, there is no debate.


Justice Minister - Topics include sentencing for drink drivers, domestic violence legislation, implementations of the Gillen Review of Civil and Family Justice, 50:50 recruitment policy for PSNI, £53 million shortfall in the PSNI budget for 2020/21, suitability of courts as venues for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) appeals.

Agriculture, Enviroment and Rural Minister - Topics include an update on the Department's work on coastal erosion, introduction of a hardship scheme for farmers and the wider rural community affected by flooding in the Sperrins in August 2017, impact of a regulatory and customs border in the Irish Sea on the agri-food industry, the effect a regulatory border in the Irish Sea on the movement of animals and the proposed Points-Based System and Salary Thresholds for Immigration for seasonal workers in the agri-food industry.

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