What's happening in the Chamber - Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th March 2020

Monday's Business - 23rd March 2020

Key Assembly Business

Speakers’ Business

The late Mr Ivan Davis. The Speaker

Assembly Business

Motion: Committee Membership Dolores Kelly, Patsy McGlone
That Mr Colin McGrath replace Ms Sinead Bradley as a member of the Committee for Health.

Motion: Suspension of Standing Order 10 (2) (a) and Standing Orders 20 and 20A.

That Standing Order 10(2)(a) and Standing Order 20and 20A be suspended until 13 May 2020.

This motion will suspend Question Time until 13 May 2020.

Motion: Suspension of Standing Order 15(1).

That Standing Order 15(1) be suspended on Tuesday 24 March 2020, for the purposes of the Legislative Consent Motion on the Coronavirus Bill introduced at Westminster; and that amendments to the motion shall be given in writing to the Speaker not later than 9.30am on Tuesday 24 March 2020.

Executive Committee Business

Motion: The Pneumoconiosis, etc., (Workers’ Compensation) (Payment of Claims) (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2020. Minister for Communities

Committee Business

Motion: Amend Standing Orders 49(2)(a) and 52(2)(a). Chairperson, Committee on Procedures
In Standing Order 49(2)(a), for ‘11’ is substituted ‘9’; and in Standing Order 52(2)(a), for ‘11’ issubstituted ‘9’.

This amendment is to reduce the number of Members on Committees and reflects the reduction in the number of MLAs in the Assembly from 108 to 90.

Tuesday's Business - 24th March 2020

Key Assembly Business

Executive Committee Business

Legislative Consent Motion: Coronavirus Bill. Minister of Health
That this Assembly endorses the principle of the extension to Northern Ireland of the provisions of the Coronavirus Bill dealing with: Emergency registration of health professionals in Clauses 2 and 4 and Schedules 1 and 3; Emergency volunteers in Clauses 7 and 8 and Schedule 6; Mental health and mental capacity in Clause 9 and Schedules 9 and 10; Health service indemnification in Clause 12; Registration of deaths and still-births etc in Clauses 17 and 20 and Schedule 12 (Part 3); Food supply in Clauses 23 to 27 and Schedule 14; Inquests in Clauses 29 and 30; Schools, childcare providers, etc in Clauses 35 and 36 and Schedules 15 (Part 3) and 16 (Part 3); Statutory Sick Pay in Clauses 40 to 42; Pensions in Clause 45; Protection of public health in Clause 46 and Schedule 17; Powers relating to potentially infectious persons in Clause 49 and Schedule 20 (Part 5); Powers relating to events, gatherings and premises in Clause 50 and Schedule 21 (Part 5); Courts and tribunals: use of video and audio technology in Clause 55 and Schedule 26; Powers in relation to bodies in Clause 56 and Schedule 27; Commencement in Clause 73; Power to suspend and revive provisions in Clause 74; Expiry in Clause 75; Power to alter expiry date in Clause 76; Power to amend Act in consequence of amendments to subordinate legislation in Clause 77; Power to make consequential modifications in Clause 78 and Procedure for certain orders made by a Northern Ireland department in Clause 82.

Motion: The draft Discretionary Support (Amendment) (COVID-19) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2020

MINISTERIAL STATEMENT - The Economy in Light of COVID-19 from the Minister of the Economy

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