What's happening in the Chamber - Tuesday 9th June 2020

Assembly Business

Motion: Suspension of Standing Order 20A - Tabled by Keith Buchanan, John O’Dowd, Dolores Kelly, RobbieButler, Kellie Armstrong, Clare Bailey.

Standing Order 20A refers to topical questions for a Minister which are supposed to be taken during the last 15 minutes of the time allocated for questions for oral answer by that Minister.

Executive Committee Business

Motion: The draft Northern Ireland Criminal Injuries Compensation (Amendment 2020) Scheme (2009). Minister of Justice, Naomi Long.

Legislative Consent Motion: Birmingham Commonwealth Games Bill. Minister of Justice

That this Assembly agrees to the extension to Northern Ireland of a number of provisions within the Birmingham Commonwealth Games Bill relating to the creation of a new offence which prohibits the unauthorised sale or resale of Games tickets.

Private Members’ Business

Motion: Support for Sheep and Beef Farmers through the COVID-19 Pandemic - Tabled by Declan McAleer, Philip McGuigan, Emma Sheerin, Jemma Dolan

That this Assembly notes the important role that sheep and beef farmers play in ensuring a safe and secure supply of food for the population; acknowledges that a significant portion of sheep and beef farmers, such as hill farmers, are situated in areas of natural constraint and severely disadvantaged areas and face considerable challenges in running their farms; recognises that COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the sheep and beef sector with the closure of restaurants, hotels and the wider food services industry; further recognises that due to low incomes and the minimal support from other COVID-19-related schemes that sheep and beef farmers in areas of natural constraint have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic; and calls on the Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs to ensure that equality and fairness underpins the allocation of the £25 million Agri-Food Sector Market Intervention Fund and that  sheep and beef farmers from areas of natural constraint receive the support they need through the distribution of this funding.

Motion: Stress Experienced by Northern Ireland Prison Service staff - Tabled by Doug Beattie, Robbie Butler

That this Assembly notes the stress experienced by members of the Northern Ireland Prison Service in the course of their duties; calls on the Minister of Finance to ensure that the Northern Ireland Civil Service Human Resources policy on Inefficiency Sickness Absence Management takes into account the stress experienced by Northern Ireland Prison Service staff; and further calls on the Minister to cease the issuing of written warnings to members of Northern Ireland Prison Service who are suffering from diagnosed mental health conditions and instead to manage the needs of these individuals through positive engagement and compassionate management which focuses on their needs.



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