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Privacy Statement

This page contains information regarding your privacy, an explanation as to why and how we moderate comments and the terms of use (contained in our disclaimer).

If you submit information to (‘the website’), either in the form of an email or via a comment box, the Northern Ireland Assembly will not store that data for purposes other than to publish that data on ‘the website’.
At no time will we ever share that data with anyone other than the users of ‘this site’.
In order to leave a comment, you are required to enter your name and and an email address.  The Northern Ireland Assembly will not use this information or reproduce your name and email address on any data we publish in order to safeguard your identity.

How we moderate comments
Where a person submits information to either in the form of an email or a comment, we reserve the right to moderate the content prior to publication.
This will be in the form of premoderation, which is where material cannot be accessed by visitors to the site until the moderator has seen it and decided it is suitable for placing on the Internet.

You can view the copyright policy of the Northern Ireland Assembly here.
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