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About Our Blog

Assembly Round-Up is the official blog of the Northern Ireland Assembly. We aim to be impartial in our reporting, and provide you with videos, podcasts and articles that will keep you informed about what is happening in your local devolved legislature. Whether you are a resident of Northern Ireland or just interested in the workings of the Assembly, we hope that you will find our blog helpful and informative.

Comment Moderation

We encourage respectful discussion between people. You don’t have to agree with what other people say or share, but please treat everybody with dignity, courtesy, and respect.

  • We will report and where possible remove any comments or replies that are direct attacks on someone based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexuality, sex, gender, disability or disease.
  • We will report and block any accounts that express harm to other followers or our moderators, that are selling things, are spam, or do not contribute to the comments and topics raised on the page.
  • We will report and where possible remove comments that express support for hate groups and terrorists.
  • The moderators will challenge and discuss any comments that spread misinformation or fake news about the Northern Ireland Assembly. 
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