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Let’s Talk about the Climate Change Bill ...


As part of its scrutiny of the new Climate Change Bill and its ‘Call for Evidence and Views’, the Assembly’s Committee for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs held two recent stakeholder events to get the views of a range of individuals and organisations on the detail of the Bill. 


Screenshot from an MS Teams meeting there are a number of faces of people in a grid view who attended the meeting.

Unlike other jurisdictions, we do not have dedicated legislation in place here to tackle Climate Change, nor an agreed pathway to mitigate against its worst effects.


The Committee recognises that there are many and varied opinions on the content and direction of the Bill, so this was a great opportunity to openly debate and discuss the main proposals in the Bill, primarily;

  • Whether or not it is possible to reach the Bill’s target of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.
  • The usefulness of 5 yearly Climate Change plans and sectoral plans to help us reach that target.
  • The measures that could or should be included in Climate Change and sectoral plans and how these would be evaluated.
  • The impact the net zero target could or would have on our farming, agricultural, general industries and rural communities and;
  • If there is a need for a local and dedicated Climate Commissioner to report on the effectiveness of climate plans and the progress made by government here. 
Graphic with blue background. On the right there is a graphic image of a factory on a green background with a cloud over the top and the chemical symbol for carbon dioxide (CO2) in the cloud. There is white text to the left of the factor. A large headline reads “Net Zero by 2045? Smaller body text reads “Do you think it’s possible for us to reach the Climate Change Bill’s target of a reduction in greenhouse gases to net zero by 2015?

The first event brought together participants from organisations representing the environment, agriculture and business sectors, as well as contributors from rural development and community groups. While the evening session focussed on youth engagement with representatives from local young people and children’s groups, young farmers and those interested in agriculture and rural issues, as well as young people actively involved in environmental/Climate Change groups and organisations. 


Screenshot from an MS Teams meeting there are a number of faces of people in a grid view who attended the meeting.

There were over 60 participants across both events with lively debate and discussion on the merits, aims and challenges associated with the Climate Change Bill. The feedback from the stakeholder events will be invaluable in helping to inform the Committee’s consideration of the Bill, as it moves forward to the next stage of the legislative process.


If you would like the opportunity to tell the Committee what you think about the Climate Change Bill, you can access our ‘Call for Evidence or Views on the Assembly’s website or by following this link.


We look forward to hearing from you.    


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